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Dance On Detroit, A Maggie Allesee Celebration of Dance is the root of the Detroit dance community. We are "on pointe" for everything dance related.

Northville Ballet Theatre
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Take an Intimate Look Behind the Footlights

We speak with renowned choreographers, artistic directors, and dance makers to find out where they find their muse and what inspires their work.

We explore dance as an ongoing life enriching vehicle.

Feel the excitement of every rehearsal and performance, and learn about Detroit's rich dance history in the making.

"Light Rain" performed by The Joffrey Ballet
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Through Our Lens

Dance Cinematography is an integral part of Dance On Detroit. It embodies the narrative the director creates between the choreographer, the camera, and the dancer.

This technique is dynamic and innovative; an innovative style of motion picture capture that combines high-definition digital film equipment and years of dance training.

Through our lens, we give our viewers the dancer's perspective.

Northville Ballet Theatre / Timberlane Dance
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Our Audience

We celebrate dancers, educators, repertory companies, event organizers, and many of the world's most renowned artists and performers.

Dance On Detroit appeals to dance enthusiasts as well as those unaware of the beautiful world of movement.

We reach households nationwide and have unique visitors from around the world on a daily basis.

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"Alchemia" performed by MOMIX